Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Paleo Diet Q & A - 1 December 2009

Dear Readers,

Thank you again for your comments and new questions in response to our Q & A. Here's today's edition.

Q: I recognize that I feel much better on small amounts of lean meats with lots of veggies and some fruit, but I become very constipated. How can I correct this and stay on the Paleo Diet?

A: It is unusual to suffer from constipation when eating a lot of veggies, as they are the biggest fiber source. However, you can help your gut health with some supplements until the constipation improves:
  • Probiotics: between 6-9 billion bacteria/day during one month, then cut down to 4-5 billion.
  • Prebiotics: 4-6 grams a day during one month (if you do not improve with 4 grams increase up to 6 grams). Then cut down to 2 grams a day.
  • Coconut oil (a good source of Medium Chain Fatty Acids): a tablespoon per day.
Also, we suggest drinking 1.5 liters of water per day.

Q: I have just had the pleasure of stumbling onto your site and find it very interesting. I would be curious to know of your response to the "thumbs down" your book received by the Weston Price organization. I have found their endorsement of raw milk to also be very logical, but they were none too kind in their review. I look forward to your response, or a link to where you might have already addressed this. Thank You.

A: Here's a reply by Dr. Cordain to this question posted in the FAQ section in our website: http://www.thepaleodiet.com/faqs/#Misc

Q: I'm new to the concept of paleolithic diet, although that is what I have been eating due to some digestive issues. My favorite is just some type of meat and veggie soup. However, I'm not sure what to eat in the morning. I read that brown rice cereal is okay (which I have with hemp milk), and an apple. Is brown rice okay even though it is a grain (or so I thought anyway)? Thank you.

A: No, brown rice is not a Paleo-friendly food, as it is a grain. All grains contain substances such as lectins, alkylresorcinols, protease inhibitors and alpha-amylase inhibitors, which are lend themselves to some health problems. However, brown rice is devoid of gluten which is associated with many diseases.

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